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Tutorial: starting a shawl with a garter tab

I love to knit shawls.
Starting the triangular shawls with a long garter tab is so boring. So I've found another way how to start the shawl. I hope you'll enjoy it

Use circular needle.
1. Make 1 st.

2. Wrap 2 needles 4 times.

3. Carefully pull the bottom needle moving sts onto cable.
You have 4 sts on cable and 4 sts on needle now.

4. Knit 4 sts.

5. Turn; make yo.

 6. Knit 4 sts.

7.Turn; knit 4 sts (you don't need to knit yo on Left Hand needle).

8. Turn, yo, knit 4 sts.
 9. Turn; knit 4 sts (you have 2 yos/sts on Left Hand needle without being knitted).

Repeat steps 8 and 9 desired number of repeats (until you reach number of sts needed to start the shawl).
Then work step 8 once.

Set up row (WS). Knit 4, purl until 4 sts placed on cable (step 3), knit 4 sts from cable.

Garter tab is done.
Happy knitting.

Tetiana Otruta! Thank you for helping with the translation! love

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